lundi 25 mars 2013

Good luck

Hey people

I just like to wish all of you good luck with the exam!
And for the people who still have some reports to do: I wish you a lot of inspiration and motivation to work on it!
In one week, it's already over... So hopefully the weather will be nice and we'll have a nice vacation!


dimanche 24 mars 2013

March Madness

Hey Everyone!
It's absolutely crazy to think that we're already at the end of March!! Like where has the time gone?! Like we say in Ireland 'time flys when you're having fun!' and we're all definitely having loads of fun here!! On the downside with some of our courses coming to an end already this semester its makes the end of our time in Montpellier seem even closer :-( but we still have a bit over a month left so no reason to be sad yet! And I'm sure we'll all make the most of the rest of our time together here!

So March has been a bit of a crazy month for us and a busy one at that!! At the start of March my sister and a few of my Irish friends came over to visit, along with a few of Michael and Jacks friends too! It was great to see them all and led to a bit of a crazy weekend!! Thank God the weather was nice and we got to show them some of the many beautiful spots of Montpellier, including the Arc and a few other spots. We even made it out to the beach and I managed to get a few more freckles!!

Last weekend was 'La fete du St.Patrick' or Paddys Day as it is more commonly known in Ireland! Myself and Michael had a great weekend with a few Irish friends we know in Montpellier and spent both Saturday and Sunday night in Fitzpatricks Irish bar. They had a live band playing traditional Irish music both nights and the atmosphere was amazing!! A great night was had by all and the place was full of people and pints of Guinness!! I suppose we Irish know how to party if nothing else :-)

Amongst all the fun there has been some college along the way! Between exams, projects and presentations there has definitely been enough to keep us busy and its not easy trying to balance it all! but I think we all seem to be managing okay ;-) I'm going to Wales next weekend to play in a water polo tournament so I am looking forward to that! I'll get to go to Ireland along the way and see my family which will be nice.. I'm not looking forward to going back to the freezing cold and snow!! The pictures don't look very appealing after sunnny Montpellier!ha

Best of luck to everyone in the exam tomorrow. Remember, stay cool and do your best, thats all you can do!! See you on the other side!

Slan(Goodbye in Irish!)

My St Patrick's Week back in Ireland

Hi everybody,

For those that missed me greatly for the past week, don't worry I'm back in France. I went home last week to celebrate my 21st birthday in style. On Saturday, I had it in my small hometown of Swinford in Co. Mayo, also the home of the Irish T.V. movie, and Youtube sensation, The Hardy Bucks, which presents to you what my life is really like in Ireland. Then on Sunday, St. Patricks Day, I took the short journey to Galway and celebrated this great day with 100,000 drunkards, Irish and tourists. On Monday we took another road trip to Sligo, where it was their college Rag Week, the equivalent of the American Spring Break. We stayed here for 2 days of non-stop partying. On Wednesday we headed back to Galway and out on the town again to have my last night out there until probably September. On Thursday, with just one night left of my short holiday, we headed for the capital, Dublin, to finish off our trip. The nightclub we went to were serving 4 Jagerbombs for €10 so it was downhill from there. But alas, I rolled out of bed at 10am and made my flight back to Montpellier in good time. Anyone interested in experiencing a typical student Irish week next year then give me a call :)


Late entrance

Hello everybody,
                It seems, that I've to catch up with you guys, who are writing this blog for a long time now :)
                My first impressions about Montpellier? Before 2013, I had them already, I was visiting this city ten years ago and that was my first BIG trip. I remember the hot summer, first taste of sea-food, bohemia, city full with street musicians, playing french music, little boutiques, big smiles on people's faces when they discover I'm not French and do not speak a word in this language. Actually now, it seems that nothing has changed, nothing, but the smiles on French people faces when they hear English and now the sea-food comes in a set with wine- always together.
                Before I came here, I heard some rumors, that it is hard to be a foreigner in Montpellier- natives are not friendly, not helpful and do not want to know nothing about you. Also there were many stereotypes I knew, actually, I have no idea where they all came from, for example, all french are eating croissants every morning and they love eating snails, or they are very accurate, fashionable and arrogant, they do not speak english or do not want to speak (which I discovered is true), their lingerie is the best in the whole world and, of course, who has not heard about french kiss?
                So, I came here prepared, with certain expectations and all I can say is, that the bad ones have not came true, at least, not yet.
                First culture shock for me was the graffiti’s on these beautiful medieval buildings, why should people destroy their own cultural heritage? Second came later, when I noticed how dirty the streets and university are. Third, when I discovered how friendly people in reality are. But the time goes and I don't pay attention to all of this anymore. Now, I'm even used to the bad timing the southern guys have here, and slowly I take over this quality- to be late.
                I think Montpellier is the perfect city for foreign students- it's multicultural, you meet many new people from many countries and you can just enjoy the southern lifestyle.
                Studying in english, living in France? This is a lifetime opportunity if you do not speak the native language, but wanting to discover their culture. Improving english skills, being in multicultural society and enjoying french benefits. As we, latvians, are saying- you shoot a rabbit with one shot.
                For a foreign student, arriving in Montpellier, the most exciting part is discovering process           . The best feeling is then, when you arrive here with no expectations at all, but the city opens you a door to a whole other world- french one.  


Salut everyone!!

So final exam tomorrow hope you're all well prepared for it guys :) Maybe you're all to busy studying but I said i'd put up a final blog !!

This last week's flown by.. some of our Irish friends from home visited and we had such a good time. We went to the beach because the weather was so good. Then of course it was St. Paddy's day so we went out to the irish bar where there was live traditional music it was epic!!

Since that, haven't really been up to much because of all the exams and that but last night we had a great Crémailleure at Rob, Petra and Natalia's new place. It's a it of a dump but atmosphere was great ;)

So anyways I hope the exam goes well for everybody and we'll see you all on the other side

Chow!!! :)
Hi everyone
                    As I came from India and it is far away from Europe I had very little idea about any European country and culture.I had some knowledge about France only from what I have hard from the friends living in France .In some English poetry and novel the reference of France and specially of South France has been appeared again and again.France means wine, perfume,  and lot of artist to me and to most of the Indians.After coming here I experienced France in different way.If someone asks me I will tell that where I live it is full of international people and most of them are students.People here are unwilling to speak English rather they love others to speak in their language.Generally people here are friendly and helpful.They become glad if a foreigners tell that they  love french cheese and wine.These are all what I have observed about Montpellier.

jeudi 21 mars 2013

Sterotype about France~


I'm from Taiwan. Before I came here being an exchange student, France is a lovely romantic and fashionable country. I heard a lot about how fantastic and extraordinary it was in France. Indeed, France has world-wide brands in clothes and wines and, people are elegant in dressing and slow in their lives. As I thought, it didn't work using English in France. But just for one thing is that - there are lots of delicacies I can taste and various castles to visit in France. It's amazing!!! 

When I came in France, I feel frustrated when  using English trying to communicate with french people. Not many people know where Taiwan located and just deem it is part of China! In fact, it's definately wrong! Taiwan and China are different in political system. We are not in the same country!!But I am excited  I can see the world heritages here and explore this vigorous city-Montpellier in southern France! This big city has the  beautiful sunshine and blue sky, but it's a bit cold here. I also amazed that there are lots of parties and clubs here! In Taiwan, students are rarely go parties at night. Most of us will join student clubs for the whole night. But I am glad to be here anyway. In my mind, beers, champagnes, baguettes and macarons they are one of the fantastic delicacies in the world. Many exchange students they came from different countries and, they are smart, active in studying and all kinds of student activites! And most of them exactly know what they are going to do in their lives while I am still making decision which thing I want to do!

I'm still trying to learn to speak in well-french and exploring this beautiful city. I feel lucky to meet all of my new friends here, they are active, kind, friendly, clever and enthusiastic to make friends. This experience is extraordinary and new in my life I believe that!